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After graduating from SUNY Purchase with a B.A. in Fine Arts concentration in painting in 1997, I came to New York City and became certified for desktop publishing and graphic design. I began my work experience co-managing a high-end printing house and subsequently worked as a graphic designer for high profile clients and accessory designers. My experience working with print houses, fashion houses, copy writers, photographers, account executives, industrial engineers, web site designers and marketing specialists informs my visual communication needs of clients, using a mix of creative skills and commercial awareness. If you have something to paint, pour, print, etch, sew, build, smear, or mold, I'm your gal!

Making Soap: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Rhassoul & French Green Clay Scent Reminiscent of Elizabethan Era Citrus and Stone Fruit

This soap is the result of blending a light fragrance of dried stone fruit, bergamot, sweet orange, black currant, black tea from China, and plantain has formed an extremely distinctive, spicy, fruity, and warm creation fit for the spa. I love that Elizabethan and Stuart England was such an important port of entry for exotic goods arriving from every corner of the known world. The idea that scent can re-connect moments in time with one drop and one breath utterly captivates me. And this is something that I kept in the back of my mind when creating this soap. The result of blending this light fragrance of dried stone fruit, bergamot, sweet orange, black currant, black tea from China, and plantain has formed an extremely distinctive, spicy, fruity, and warm creation fit for the spa. Clays detox and purify the skin by drawing out the toxins. Rhassoul Clay contains a high percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Green Clay is a cornucopia of minerals as well. It detoxifies, restores mineral balance, and acts as an absorbent. This bar of soap will produce a silky creamy lather In fact, the ‘suds’ we often see in commercial soaps are mostly synthetic chemicals. I prefer clay soaps instead of mixing facial masks these days less mess and more convenient. It can also be used for the body. In general, my soaps are made in small batches with skin-loving vegetable oils, moisturizing butter, and milk. I use only pure essential oils and high-quality fragrance oils no phthalates for scent and natural ingredients for their properties. super fated around 5%. Due to the handmade nature of our soaps, sizes and appearances may vary from photo. Each bar will weigh approximately 3.8 – 4.2 ounces. ingredients for cold process soap: babassu oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, stearic acid plant-derived, beeswax, rhassoul clay, french green clay, dried stone fruit, Chinese black tea, plantain, essential oils of sweet orange and black currant, lye Rhassoul & French Green Clay Soap Scent Reminiscent of Elizabethan Era Citrus and Stone Fruit: *No synthetic fragrance oils *No parabens *No preservatives *No EDTA *No sulfates *No lard *No colorants

Making Soap Rhassoul & French Green Clay Scent Reminiscent of Elizabethan Era Citrus and Stone Fruit
Nancy Tranter Soap Recipe: Rhassoul & French Green Clay Soap Scent Reminiscent of Elizabethan Era Citrus and Stone Fruit

For more Soap recipes check out my Pintererest on Soap Recipes

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Exploring the Most Popular Google Fonts

  • most usable google fonts
  • this is an example of montserrat font
  • this is an example of roboto font
  • this is an example of glory font
  • this is an example of bebas neue font

Shout Out to Studio Hemoy

Graphic Designer for Studio Hemoy

for a full list of production work and graphic design check out nancytranter.com or my linkedin profile for work history

Studio Hemoy is an up and coming interior design group that has experience in property management and Interior Design. It’s always wonderful to be a graphic designer for a French team of interior designers. Check out their latest podcast “Les couleurs ont une influence sur notre humeur, notre performance, notre productivité, notre bien-être, notre qualité de travail Notre environnement immédiat influence l’esprit des gens. Que ce soit par l’aspect visible (rangé ou désorganisé), ou par l’aspect plus invisible à première vue comme les couleurs”

rose quartz bracelet gold by nancy tranter
the advertisement that i’m in for instagram
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Source: nancytranter.com @nancytranter @studio.hemoy

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Holiday Catering Near Me Charcuterie Hacks

How to Find Catering that is Available on Holidays : A Cheat Sheet for Home Holiday Cooks

When the holiday season rolls around, you know it’s time to pull out your calendars and start preparing the family gathering. Your family appreciates these holiday get-togethers that allow them to talk, eat, and drink. It’s an excellent way to end the year on a positive note.

Your holiday preparation should begin with delicious foods and drinks. The most challenging part of preparing a party is deciding what to serve. Some parties serve appetizers. Some serve full sit-down dinners. In contrast, others have a buffet with different stations for each food type, such as salad, meat, seafood, or dessert.

Charcuterie, Catering

Selecting a catering service for Christmas events will be one of, if not the most important thing on your to-do list. Food is what makes the winter season so fun, isn’t it? A festive meal, festive drinks, and tasty treats will leave everyone with a smile on their face.

Un-complicate your holiday preparations and save your energy spending time with your loved ones. Instead, allow yourself to relax and delegate the tedious work to the pros. For example, this Christmas, ordering your feasting platter from a catering service can be a lifesaver. She Salt Charcuterie really came through this season. 

You don’t have to go to all the trouble to throw a memorable Holiday party for your family. All you have to do is decide what kind of food you want to serve at your party and these caterers will take care of the rest.

Shout Out to the She Salt Charcuterie They are located in:

She Salt Charcuterie
Instagram @shesaltcharcuterie
Augustine Beach, FL

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Pantone Color of the Year 2022, 17-3938 Very Peri, Graphic Designers Resource

Color Trends in Design 2022

One of the color trends that we will begin to see in graphic design will be the use of something called Pantone colors. Marketing Color Consortiums drive large sections of commerce. How important is this to your art? It all depends. I tell my students that creating an original style (their unique signature) is the way to go. This includes the color palette that you have defined for yourself. You always have the choice to not use Pantone Trends and that in the end may be a better design choice. Knowing about Pantone colors is important you need to understand the industry you are designing for and not knowing about their existence is like not doing your art history homework.

Pantone Very Peri interior design living room a striking shade of periwinkle, Color of the Year 2022
Pantone Very Peri interior design living room a striking shade of periwinkle

After a year so full of ups and downs, users will want navigation experiences that are soothing colors. Therefore, the use of subtle blues, violet blues and reds will be of great importance for graphic design and will generate a great impact on users.

Detailed Color Analysis Series Very Peri

Color trends in graphic design 2022 Flat colors

2021 has shown us that we spend more and more time on our cell phones, computers, and tablets. The use of flat colors will guarantee the comfort of our eyes. Simple, subtle, fresh and natural designs that facilitate online navigation for a long time.

Motion Graphics

Whether you’re walking past a digital billboard, scrolling through a website, or navigating an app, we see more and more motion design at the moment. And most people in the profession believe this can only be a good thing. Static graphics have a way of being overlooked. The constant drive of digital platforms for something fresh and the rise of virtual reality have brands finding new ways of living online. The new possibilities and opportunities using motion and animation are becoming a better way to tell a story to sell a brand.

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Henri Matisse Cut Outs and How He Carved into Color

The resilience of Henri Matisse cut outs as he deals with chronic pain in his later years

Henri Matisse cut outs came about because chronic illness had made painting more difficult. The painter made his name by putting brush to canvas and when he no longer had eye muscle and proper hand-coordination, he made his mark all over again by putting scissors to paper. A flickery home movie of an elderly Henri Matisse shows the artist in a hurry with his giant scissors, cutting asymmetrical, floppy leaf forms out of paper. He compared cutting to the feeling of flying. He enjoyed being able to move them around to contemplate their respective positions within his composition.

Henri Matisse in studio working with cutouts
Henri Matisse in his studio with assistants who would cut rectangular sheets of paper from large rolls

Henri Matisse cut outs technique may have originated from his influence growing up in a textile region in France. The paper cut-outs have a dressmaker’s pattern influence. The studio that he worked in had many textiles for inspiration surrounding him. There was an exhibit that became the source for my idea for this relationship called Matisse: The Fabric of Dreams: His Art and His Textiles JUNE 23–SEPTEMBER 25, 2005 at the Met. It features forty-five painted works and thirty-one drawings and prints displayed alongside examples from Matisse’s personal collection of fabrics, costumes, and carpets. That exhibition marked the first public showing of Matisse’s textile collection—referred to by the artist as his “working library”—which has been packed away in family trunks since Matisse’s death in 1954. According to his grandson Paul, he enjoyed using the cutout technique right up unto the end of his life.

“An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success”

Henri Matisse
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Henri Matissein bed at studio composing cutout pieces with long stick

It was noted by friends, family, and colleagues that Matisse had an intensity about him and that he loved to work. He could not stop creating no matter what his physical condition. A type of wilfulness that is indispensable when producing commissioned artwork while in chronic pain.

Henri Matisse and cat
Henri Matisse The Parakeet and the Mermaid, c. 1952
The Parakeet and the Mermaid, c. 1952

Henri Matisse Cut Outs Paint Process

The color on his cut-outs was produced using gouache—a water-based, opaque, quick-drying, matte paint that consists of pigment, binder, and often a white pigment or filler to increase opacity. Matisse purchased a wide range of colors at supply houses in Paris and Nice, choosing tubes based on color and freshness. Studio assistants cut rectangular sheets of paper from large rolls. Gouache, thinned with water, was applied to paper and then weighted until dry. Some sheets had a more dense application of gouache and some more visibly retained the brushstrokes.

Matisse’s Cut Out
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Source: MOMA, CBS this morning Meggie Miao, Mike Levine, SUNY Purchase

Irish Eggs (Scottish Eggs), A Classic Irish Dish

This Irish Egg recipe came from Clodagh McKenna in her book Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen. This recipe was Scrumptious. The heartiest meal that I have had in months. Packed with protein that will last in your body for a long time. Irish Eggs are best paired with something lite. I paired mine with an arugula and artichoke salad or perhaps you might try a pickled slaw on the side that would make a perfect match! Her recipe calls for blood sausage that sounds divine and traditional however it was not available in my local market. My substitute was Italian Sweet Sausage that worked out great!

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Scotch Eggs just before frying
Scotch Eggs photo by Nancy Tranter
Scotch Eggs photo by Nancy Tranter
Scotch Eggs photo by Nancy Tranter recipe by Clodagh McKenna

Irish Egg Tips

  1. Wet hands before molding meat patties. I had a little bowl nearby for dipping my hands in.
  2. I highly suggest the use of the dry hand – wet hand technique for coating eggs. That way you can avoid battered fingers.

Popularity of Irish Eggs

According to YouGov, Irish Eggs or Scotch eggs were found to be among Britain’s least liked foodstuffs in 2019. However in 2020, following controversy as to whether Scotch eggs were considered a substantial meal necessary for pubs, cafés, and restaurants to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic, more people began to buy the hearty big egg.

History of Scotch Eggs

The earliest known published recipe titled Scottish eggs dates to 1807. Maria Ketelby Rundell’s version published that year is found verbatim in several cookbooks from that period time. “Boil hard five pullet’s eggs, and without removing the white, cover completely with a fine relishing forcemeat in which let scraped ham or chopped anchovy bear a due proportion. Fry a beautiful yellow-brown, and serve with a good gravy in the dish.” The origin of the dish is hotly debated by culinary enthusiasts. It ranges from a claim by Fortnum & Mason of London that they invented the dish in 1738 and served it to the Prince of Wales and the Royal family regularly. Another theory as to their origin begins much earlier in India. In the very early 1600s, the East Indian Company was formed and trade began between the British and India. Some believe Scotch eggs evolved from an Indian dish called Nargisi Kofta, which is made by wrapping hard-boiled eggs in minced lamb and cooking them. 

source: @clodagh_mckenna, yougov, wiki, A Caledonian Feast by Annette Hope

Quick Guide to Natural Dyeing With Goldenrod Flowers

It’s Goldenrod Season Goldenrod (Solidago sp.) is a member of the aster family. There are many solidago species native to North America, and they can also be found in other parts of the world. 

Goldenrod natural dye samples
Goldenrod flower dye vat with mercerized pima cotton yarn and Pearl Ex. 
Natural dyed pima cotton in Goldenrod by Nancy tranter
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Goldenrod Flower Pima Cotton Yarn DK Weight
Goldenrod dyed pantone chart for color reference

Here is a quick guide to natural dyeing with goldenrod flowers. In New York goldenrod matures and blooms from July to October. I carefully harvest the flower fronds, trying not to pick too many leaves or stems in the process then gathered enough to fill my dye pot 3/4 full. 

enamel vat for flowers for dying goldenrod
goldenrod found in the woods

I used for the mordant aluminum acetate and a tiny rust (iron) from the bottom of the enamel vat, perhaps making it a little hint of green. We will see what it looks like when finished. I use a 10% by a weight-of-goods proportion of alum to cotton, checkout tutorial on mordanting by Botanical Colors it has a great tutorial on mordanting.  1 teaspoon of Pearl Ex Interference Gold check out the video so sparkly. I kept it on the stove to a simmer (not a boil unless you want a deep russet color) for 3 hours.

Soaked my mercerized cotton overnight in tap water at room temperature. I placed it in the simmering vat for 1hr making sure it was mostly submerged. After an hour I removed and used the towel dry method for the yarn let dry, then rinsed 3 times, created a soaking bath for 1/2hr with cedar essential oil, rinsed again toweled dry and hung up to dry. The Pearl Ex is still visible after 4 washings. Goldenrod definitely brought the sunshine it came out great.nancystoreonline.com

Goldenrod in the background growing natural in the woods, Skeins of dyed yarn drying
Natural dyed pima cotton in Goldenrod by Nancy tranter

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Color Inspiration From the Flower Bee Balm for Graphic Design, Firelight 17-1460 Pantone

Color inspiration of the day is Bee Balm (Monarda) from hair dye to a graphic designers color breakdown.

In the area of the web, a general rule is that all colors should be in RGB format. On the other hand, print media is rooted in CMYK or Pantone spot colors. The truth is that, despite the gap, one can get pretty close to matching colors in web and print. Alas, it is never a perfect process as colors do not end up looking identical. This is one of the main obstacles that designers face.

Zoe’s hair color inspiration of Bee Balm is the percentage of the following. Hair recipe is based on starting with a hair color of classic brown #4 bleached to blonde #6 with heavy orange overtones. 

source: perbang.dk, adore hair color, pantone #danielricciardo #firelight 

Abnormal Psychology Artists and Identity


Max Ernst and Cindy Sherman as Examples of Artists Working With the Theme of Identity

Ernst early interests were psychiatry and philosophy. He abandoned his studies at the University of Bonn for painting. Here the rational world of science and industry have gone awry: the prints display a diagrammatic drawing technique, nonsensical equations, ineffectual measuring instruments, and a dysfunctional system of plumbs and weights. The portfolio also marks the first appearance of the artist’s assumed Dada identity, “Dadamax ERNST” Ernst was frustrated at the gallery and museum system who stereotyped him into frottage and oil painting. Frottage is the technique or process of taking a rubbing from an uneven surface to form the basis of a work of art. His creative ability to rebrand himself by assigning himself a new name, identity gave him the emotional and stylistic freedom he was seeking.

Max ErnstPlate I from Let There Be Fashion, Down With Art (Fiat modes pereat ars)1920

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is one of the best known and most important artists working today. Her style is a performative practice of photographing herself under different guises. The popularity of her work produced many of contemporary art’s most iconic and influential images. An artist whose subject is often herself as somebody else caught in a moment of masquerade. This highlights the illusory nature of not only photography, but identity itself. Sherman’s underlying goal is to present a novel critique of female representation in photography. It has remained unchanged since she began her career in the 1970s.

Cindy Sherman, Untitled 584, 2017-2018 Courtesy of the Artist and Metro Pictures, New York © 2020 Cindy Sherman

Therapist with an Identity Disturbance? Is it possible for them to still be good at their job and help the client?

A therapist with BPD would be more into recovery than out of it and whatever issues are unresolved kept in the background so that they don’t harm the client. Most therapists are aware of their personal issues long before graduation from an accredited school of psychotherapy.

One may be well into recovery and any hidden symptoms undetected and therefore, harmless to a patient. Supervisory therapists can pick up pathology before a novice therapist ever gets near an actual patient, either before or during the internship.

Some students or interns are recommended for therapy before graduation. Some schools require actual participation by all students in personal therapy before entry or sometimes before completion of the program.

Provided someone with an identity disturbance survived all the challenges posed by programs that graduate psychotherapists, It’s highly possible they would do more than an adequate job helping their clients work through their issues. I knew a therapist with treated BPD that accomplished just that.

An identity disturbance in young adulthood predicts a host of negative outcomes across the life span, including mood, anxiety, eating and substance use disorders, increased risk for physical illnesses, STD’s, low self esteem, name changes, cosmetic surgery and medical care, reduced quality of life, and reduced life expectancy

Take Care of Yourself, Too

Sometimes friendships with people who have an identity disturbance become unbalanced, and you may find yourself giving more than you receive. I’ve been on the receiving end of BPD outbursts it can be hurtful and difficult. These are my tips for dealing with these types. If this happens only occasionally, it is usually fine. Most relationships ebb and flow; they can’t always be an even 50-50 split. But if you find yourself in a perpetually unbalanced and difficult situation, it will create a strain in the relationship.

Research has shown that friends and family that care for people with an identity disturbance have high rates of hostility, anxiety, depression, and distrust. Financial strain, marital problems, and social embarrassment are also common family responses.  As a result, friendships with people with BPD can be rocky. Sometimes, people with BPD engage in behaviors that can seem manipulative, mean-spirited, divisional, and or destructive.

If you give too much, you may start to feel resentful or burned out. After a while, you may get to the point that you feel the need to end the relationship for your own health and happiness. one technique that you may to try when dealing with manipulative person is called Grey Rocking. This may Help. Picture a grey rock: Unremarkable, forgettable, and similar to countless others scattered nearby. Even the most enthusiastic collector probably wouldn’t have a lot to say about this rock. So, if you wanted to escape notice, becoming a grey rock might seem like a good way to go about it. Of course, people can’t actually turn into rocks, but that’s where the idea of grey rocking comes from.

Techniques for dealing with those who have mental health challenges

Another technique would be Restorative Justice a technique used in teaching. Dialogue in the restorative justice context refers to the use of a neutral mediator to prepare, structure, and guide face-to-face interactions between victims and offenders in ways that avoid revictimization of those harmed, promote reparation of the harms caused, strengthen pro-social human relationships and provide an opportunity for offenders to earn redemption and return to the community as constructive citizens.

In the long term, however, it is more helpful for a person with an identity disturbance to have a consistent, reliable friend than to have a friend who was 100% there for them for a few months before disappearing forever. For this reason, it is important for you to take care of yourself, take breaks from your friend when needed, and create healthy boundaries so that you get your needs fulfilled, too.

It requires assertive communication skills and sufficient self-awareness to understand when it is time to pull back a bit. It is possible to have a long-term, rewarding friendship with someone with an identity disturbance if you work at it.

What happens when you set boundaries with a borderline? Setting boundaries for your relationship is important for you and the person with an identity disturbance. However, you should not expect your limits to fix the relationship quickly. WARNING: The person with the identity issue may feel like these boundaries are a form of rejection, which may cause them to lash out! Lashing out can range from gossiping, lying about your character, all the way to homicide.

My personal harrowing experience with an Identity Disordered Person came in the form of mean-spirited speech coinciding with mirroring behavior and narcissism. It is a common red flag for people to legally change their names because of identity disorder, this person doesn’t use her original birth name because of the need to change their identity. She once in casual conversation asked about my bra size which I replied 34DD unbeknownst to me she then went to her plastic surgeon for breast augmentation she demanded the surgeon to give her DD-size breasts to which the surgeon replied your frame is too small to support it. I will give you C-size breasts. She then threw a tantrum and insisted on my actual breast size of DD. Flash forward 15 years later. She has had many breast surgeries to fix botched surgeries and still doesn’t feel any better about herself nor has she achieved the goal of looking or being me.

The second incident of my dossier on my personality disordered friend was my original idea of using acupuncture to help with fertility. I used a professional from Manhattan who was recommended and licensed he is also licensed in herbalism. Once again unbeknownst to me, she went to an unlicensed unheard of acupuncturist and almost killed herself with an ingredient in her tea, ambulances hospital what a nightmare she caused herself to try and be me. I was horrified but aware of her impressionable nature. She still to this day every once in a while speaks to me in a mean-spirited tone trying to publicly embarrass me, body shame me, talks about me behind my back to her colleagues and my friends. She most definitely has an obsession with me.

Besides the ones I had mentioned earlier there are other attributes that this person has to further the pathology of identity disturbance, adultery, promiscuity. rejection sensitivity disorder, and poor memory. She took personal campaigns to extreme alienating potential friendships by forcing strong views onto others in destructive ways. She even yelled and screamed at me when I was trying to teach her a few things on the computer I swear I thought she was going to get violent. Knowing the reason why she acts this way is tremendously helpful. She still attempts to bait me in public to get out of character but I’m too chill and empowered by the knowledge of professionals in the field of psychiatry to fall for it. Having an older sister who is a psychologist is also helpful. She is the one who told me about personality disorders and gray-rocking which is my favorite technique for this particular person. She also told me to sever all contact with the person if possible. The anecdote of my sisters class has the professor coming in to the classroom dropping his brief case explaining that personality disorder or BPD has a poor prognosis and then teaches how to handle BPD or personality disorder by walking out of the classroom and not coming back. The point of his lesson don’t be friends with this person sever all ties.

Movies about Identity 

This might seem like an odd topic for a film to some people. For those who live with the condition these movies about identity show them they are not alone. There is a stigma associated with poor mental health in the United States and other societies around the world. It’s all too often the reason people suffering from these issues often don’t seek help. One of the ways society learns more about mental illness, its symptoms and consequences, is through storytelling. That lens, in modern society, is often film.

Film is particularly well-suited to showing how people, their family, friends and colleagues, deal with difficult mental health problems, how their lives sometime unravel, and what it takes to recover.

sources MoMa, Smithsonian Magazine Matt Morrissette, verywellmind.com, Cosmetic Surgery and Psychological Issues Randy A. Sansone, MD and Lori A. Sansone, MD, inspiremalibu.com, nhsinform.scot, Mike E. King