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Shout Out to Studio Hemoy

Graphic Designer for Studio Hemoy

for a full list of production work and graphic design check out nancytranter.com or my linkedin profile for work history

Studio Hemoy is an up and coming interior design group that has experience in property management and Interior Design. It’s always wonderful to be a graphic designer for a French team of interior designers. Check out their latest podcast “Les couleurs ont une influence sur notre humeur, notre performance, notre productivité, notre bien-être, notre qualité de travail Notre environnement immédiat influence l’esprit des gens. Que ce soit par l’aspect visible (rangé ou désorganisé), ou par l’aspect plus invisible à première vue comme les couleurs”

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Source: nancytranter.com @nancytranter @studio.hemoy

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Color Inspiration From the Flower Bee Balm for Graphic Design, Firelight 17-1460 Pantone

Color inspiration of the day is Bee Balm (Monarda) from hair dye to a graphic designers color breakdown.

In the area of the web, a general rule is that all colors should be in RGB format. On the other hand, print media is rooted in CMYK or Pantone spot colors. The truth is that, despite the gap, one can get pretty close to matching colors in web and print. Alas, it is never a perfect process as colors do not end up looking identical. This is one of the main obstacles that designers face.

Zoe’s hair color inspiration of Bee Balm is the percentage of the following. Hair recipe is based on starting with a hair color of classic brown #4 bleached to blonde #6 with heavy orange overtones. 

source: perbang.dk, adore hair color, pantone #danielricciardo #firelight 

Vector Mandala Digital Art Designs

Vector Mandala Digital Art file Motif (Digital File) http://ow.ly/nxgW50ExgKb Contains everything you need to start creating beautiful mandala art serpentine designs

Vector Mandala Digital Art Design is available for purchase at nancystoreonline.comThe Mandala evokes the collective archetype of the circle, with no beginning, no end. It is inclusive, as Egypt’s richly polytheistic culture tended to accommodate, rather than to exclude. The mandala is found universally; All cultures use the circle in their art and religious symbolism. The circle is inherent in the human unconscious.

A colorful tibetan mandala in a monastery
a colorful tibetan mandala in a monastery


Perfect for logos, posters, print advertisements and on the web. Complex complementary color palette.The Borders and frames have a unique design, and can easily be adapted to fit any rectangular or square shape. Some designs are 100% vector and have editable strokes which allow you to change the weight/thickness of the lines.

FEATURES: contains 8 file format mandala design 
– High Resolution 800 dpi scalable vector format- 300 DPI for photographs- AI format Adobe Illustrator required for editing or compatible software that would accept an AI file
copywrite law: You are not allowed to claim this file as your own or resell the files.
Can be used for Commercial reasons. The licensed asset can appear in up to 5,000 end products for sale :
-Up to 5,000 physical or artistic design digital end products for sale-One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee-Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets-Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions-Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewersCannot be used for:-Native apps, web apps, or games
For more mandala art designs to purchase check out my nancystoreonline.com

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source: my friends wedding, Jung, Ogden Goelet vectordesigns #middleeastern #egyptian #vector #motif #mandala #red #purple #weddinginvite #digitalfile #serpentine #egyptianmandala #blogging

Typography: “Star Wars” its Origins Coming from Helvetica

What does Star Wars and Helvetica have in common? More than you might realize.

The original designer of the Star Wars logo Suzy Rice, based her work on a modified version of Helvetica Black.

In the words of professional visual artist Suzy Rice- “The cover of that book pictured here to the left bears a reprint of the logo that I designed and drew, after it was redrawn by Lucasfilm, Ltd. (I believe that was done by Joe Johnson) with the flat-bottom “W” and the outline emboldened — both done by Lucasfilm, so it was explained to me by Producer Gary Kurtz, to improve readability of the logo in the main titles of the film (and all the rest that followed).

My logo was redrawn with some modifications but it was never replaced with a new design; or, more specifically, no “new design” was done by Johnson, he simply modified my design for predominantly production quality requirements when applied to the big screen.

Gary Kurtz called me at my work after they’d accepted my logo design for advertising purposes and informed me that he and George were going to use (my) logo, rather than the one they’d been up-to-that-point trying to use in the ongoing production of the film prior to release. My logo read better (was easier perceived by the viewer during the animated title treatment) than the one they’d originally intended to use but my logo required a bolder outline and a flattened W to improve on screen legibility during that quick pan (animated treatment) in the main titles. My response was great!”

Star Wars #1 - signed Carrie Fisher - Marvel Treasury Comic
$11,631.77 Only 1 available
Star Wars #1 – signed Carrie Fisher – Marvel Treasury Comic $11,631.77 available

Graphic Design Girl Power

Finding out one of my childhood beloved movies also had a lead female graphic designer was a source of inspiration for me as I was learning design.

Fernando de Carabassa

These typographic Star Wars posters reimagine a galaxy far, far away in the style of Massimo Vignelli.

As these vivid typographic posters by Argentinian designer Fernando de Carabassa display, Helvetica and Star Wars might be a match made in heaven. It’s hard to put in words why this works. Thanks to that iconic title crawl, Star Wars is now famously recognized as using large blocks of clean text. It feels like a logical continuation to use colorful blocks of Helvetica to expand those title crawls into Word Art. De Carabassa’s designs use laid-out blocks of text and solid colors to evoke the imagery of the first three Star Wars movies: everything from the sight of two suns rising over the planet of Tatooine, to the crackle of a lightsaber igniting, to the barren, ice-cold world of Hoth. Star Wars, Helvetica, and typography might not be exactly related ideas in most people’s minds, but perhaps they should be.

Fonts similar to Helvetica: Free Alternatives & Similar Fonts

  • Inter
  • Roboto
  • Arimo
  • Nimbus Sans
  • TeX Gyre Heros
  • Work Sans
  • IBM Plex Sans

source: Massimo Vignelli, suzyrice.com, fastcompany.com, learnui.design

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL Toning With Duotones, Tritones And Quadtones

This is a great little tutorial from 2011 running adobe photoshop CS6. I love keeping this dated stuff around. Times have changed and the facade has moved along but the math remains the same. The tutorial holds up to the standards of today. Toning With Duotones, Tritones, and Quadtones. This tutorial will teach you how to create duotones, tritones, and quadtones inside Photoshop.  

tutorial supplies latest adobe photoshop tools
the latest up tp date graphic design tools

At the end of the photoshop tutorial, you’ll find a link to 5 custom duotone/tritones as a complimentary download. These colors are based upon Pantone Fall fashion report 2011. Your photograph must first be converted to black and white. One of my favorite methods to convert to BW is using ‘calculations’. Open your photograph and click on the image, then calculations.

photoshop tutorial calculations

The calculations dialogue box opens. There are four areas to focus on in the ‘calculations’ dialogue box. The two channels, the blending mode, and opacity settings. I usually combine the ‘red’ and ‘green’ channels. The ‘soft light’ blending mode is great for evenly toned BW. The ‘screen’ blending mode is good for high-key BW. You will need to alter the opacity setting to suit your photograph. Anywhere between 20-100%.

dialog box for calculations to duotone and tritones

When you have the settings the way you want them, click ‘OK’. There are two further steps required to create your grayscale image. After you click ‘Image-Mode-Grayscale,’ a dialogue box will open up, asking if you want to discard color information. Click ‘Ok.’

image dialog box grayscale mode

After clicking on Image-Mode-Duotone, the ‘Duotone’ dialogue box will open.

dialog box for image duotone mode
dialog box for image duotone options mode

The drop-down box at the top left allows you to specify how many colors you will use to tone your image. There are three choices; duotone, tritone, or quadtone. Two of the great advantages of duotones are the ability to ‘load’ existing presets, as well as create your own. There are 5 of my custom duotone/tritones available as a complimentary download. Loading duotone pre-sets is simple. Click ‘load’ in the duotone dialogue box. If you have never used duotones before, Load your custom duotone/tritones into Adobe Photoshop/Presets/Duotones folder. To create & save your own custom duotones, click on one or more colors in the duotone dialogue box.

dialog box for naming your colors found in image duotone options mode

Either the ‘color picker’ or ‘pantone’ color boxes will appear. Choose the color you want and click ‘Ok.’

dialog box for naming your colors found in image duotone options mode

You can continue this process to change more colors. You can also change the spread of any particular color by clicking in the ‘curve’ area. By playing around with the curve you will control the spread of color.

dialog box for adjusting curves found in image duotone options mode

When finished in the ‘duotone curve’ box, click ‘Ok’. Then click ‘save’ in the duotone box to save your custom duotone into your own pre-sets folder. I finish up my Duotone/Tritone by adding a ‘Curves’ adjustment layer.

photoshop tutorial image adjustments curves

When finished in the ‘duotone curve’ box, click ‘Ok’. Then click ‘save’ in the duotone box to save your custom duotone into your own pre-sets folder. I finish up my Duotone/Tritone by adding a ‘Curves’ adjustment layer.

photoshop tutorial image adjustments curves

In order to save your file as a JPG, you will need to convert back to RGB color. that’s it, all done.
a download of my duotones can be found in my link section to the left.

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