Quick Guide to Natural Dyeing With Goldenrod Flowers

It’s Goldenrod Season Goldenrod (Solidago sp.) is a member of the aster family. There are many solidago species native to North America, and they can also be found in other parts of the world. 

Goldenrod natural dye samples
Goldenrod flower dye vat with mercerized pima cotton yarn and Pearl Ex. 
Natural dyed pima cotton in Goldenrod by Nancy tranter
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Goldenrod Flower Pima Cotton Yarn DK Weight
Goldenrod dyed pantone chart for color reference

Here is a quick guide to natural dyeing with goldenrod flowers. In New York goldenrod matures and blooms from July to October. I carefully harvest the flower fronds, trying not to pick too many leaves or stems in the process then gathered enough to fill my dye pot 3/4 full. 

enamel vat for flowers for dying goldenrod
goldenrod found in the woods

I used for the mordant aluminum acetate and a tiny rust (iron) from the bottom of the enamel vat, perhaps making it a little hint of green. We will see what it looks like when finished. I use a 10% by a weight-of-goods proportion of alum to cotton, checkout tutorial on mordanting by Botanical Colors it has a great tutorial on mordanting.  1 teaspoon of Pearl Ex Interference Gold check out the video so sparkly. I kept it on the stove to a simmer (not a boil unless you want a deep russet color) for 3 hours.

Soaked my mercerized cotton overnight in tap water at room temperature. I placed it in the simmering vat for 1hr making sure it was mostly submerged. After an hour I removed and used the towel dry method for the yarn let dry, then rinsed 3 times, created a soaking bath for 1/2hr with cedar essential oil, rinsed again toweled dry and hung up to dry. The Pearl Ex is still visible after 4 washings. Goldenrod definitely brought the sunshine it came out great.nancystoreonline.com

Goldenrod in the background growing natural in the woods, Skeins of dyed yarn drying
Natural dyed pima cotton in Goldenrod by Nancy tranter

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Marsala Artisanal Art Yarn and How to Have Fun with it

Marsala Artisanal Art Yarn is a one of a kind art yarn that I spun. The cotton, acrylic blend is based on Marsala PANTONE 18-1438 

The thick and thin art yarns look amazing in finished products! There are so many things you can do with artisanal art yarn. Create wall art with yarn or how about yarn art on canvas?


Marsala Red Artisanal Bulky Textured Beaded Art Yarn

Hand spun core spinning is a slow spinning technique which results in Artisanal Art Yarn looking very different from a traditional single. The fibers are allowed to wrap around a core thread at a 90 degree angle, it allows the spinner to create a very strong, soft, warm and lofty yarn. however due to the longer time it takes to create a Core spun yarn the cost is higher.

3 Tips for Corespinning Yarn

  1. keep your core-spun yarns smooth and fine by using a lightly textured art batt.
  2. To increase the texture, you can go wild with locks and embellishments.
  3. Changing the core threads to hemp, wire, or elastic provides even more avant-garde opportunities in your handspun.
  4. I prefer core spinning in threads that are strong enough to be put under tension without breaking, and they can take a lot of twist without a struggle. Hemp, crochet cotton, loop mohair, fishing wire, thick poly thread 3mm.

Marsala Artisanal Art Yarn is bulky I like to knit on a size US 10 but you can knit on any size! Thats the beauty of Art Yarn. The cotton, acrylic blend is based on Marsala PANTONE 18-1438. Covered in garnet colored crystal, freshwater pearls, semi precious carnelian, silk ribbons, gold fibers and some gorgeous other found objects. The inspiration came from Byzantium’s vibrant and energetic color palette jewel tones of red and gold with the pop of white pearls. Woven on a very strong nylon cord.

Marsala Art Yarn with Kilim
Marsala Artisanal Art Yarn spinning wheel Louet S10 nancystoreonline.com
Spinning Wheel with Art Flyer Louet S10